Event name: Setting up Wikispaces Private Label in Your School
Event time: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
Guest Speakers: Sara Wilkie from Birmingham Public Schools in Michigan
Slides and Resources:
Recording: https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2010-08-18.0917.D.CA090BE1CFC3C94CF7321D6A717393.vcr&sid=vclass

Join us for our upcoming Wikispaces Private Label webinar and learn more about our wiki solution for your entire school, district, or organization.

This month's webinar will focus on how to bring Wikispaces Private Label to your school or district - from the trial phase all the way through implementing wikis in your classrooms. We'll introduce you to features and services on your Private Label site that make your wiki set-up a breeze -- such as migration of your existing wikis over to your Private Label site and bulk creation of student accounts -- and point you to some best practices. Sara Wilkie from Birmingham Public Schools will join us to share her district's first-hand experience of purchasing Wikispaces Private Label and building a successful collaborative site for their schools.